New Taxidermy Fish Eyes

Competition Grade fish eyes!

Here Today!  A new line of competition grade eyes at realistic pricing. The coloration in these eyes is very vivid and DEEP!

These are not  featureless glass eyes, or pad printed  with pixels on the upper surface. These eyes  embody the character and subtle markings of real fish eyes. They are not affected by solvents, and have features making them easy to position…..even from the inside of a cast head. They can be tinted on the outside edge with transparent paint if desired to produce a truly custom eye.

Here is a small sample of color variations that are now available. Styles will be added frequently, so you may choose the ones that fit your needs.

Pricing is set for now as follows.     10mm – 14mm……..$4.00        16mm – 18mm…….$4.50        20mm – 22mm……..$5.00

Our initial inventory is limited, generally up to 10 pairs per eye in a certain size. Available for larger orders with some advance notice.

Shipping is $3.00

Please Note:  The supplier has decreased wholewale profit margins so it is no longer feasible for me to be sole USA distributor. You can purchase these at attractive prices from   Thank you all for you patronage and enthusiasm over the years.


 ” I am very impressed with the overall quality of Angler Art Eyes. Having mounted thousands of fish, I can appreciate the work that went into developing these eyes. They definitely have a place in our operation. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality, affordable fish eye.”

Aaron Stehling

Stehling’s Taxidermy LLC

Jefferson, WI



I ordered 6 pairs of eyes for upcoming projects. Dennis was very helpful, had tonnes of advice and went out of his way to help me with what I needed. Dennis threw the eyes in the post before I even got the payment sorted out. 

I was very surprised to come home yesterday and find that my eyes arrived, within 7 days from me ordering them and without a big bill attached to them for import. I was even more surprised to find these eyes to be of a very high quality and made to the standard I expect with everything I order. Dennis, you have made a life long customer out of me and I’ll be back to do more business very soon. Again, thank you very much for everything, very much appreciated.

 Barend Bosch         Scotland, UK

bucketI have never seen pupil depth like this in a fish eye, unless it was in a
live fish. Coloration is extraordinary as well. I started taxidermy in
1986 and have always believed fish eyes are the most neglected aspect of
the art. I have used these in commercial pan fish and they look great. My
latest show piece is an ice fishing scene. When I molded the scene I left
one eye out of a perch, since they are commonly used as bait. It was
incorporated on a hook in the bucket of fish. This artistic creation
scored 96 in the Masters division, Best of Category reproduction, Van
Dyke’s Most Original and Creative, Starfish Award, Polytranspar award,
Taxidermy Today Excellence award, and McKenzie Best Fish award.
Steve Silseth


“I have been doing taxidermy for more than 20 years and these are the best eyes I have seen!”    Don Waller      Chanute Kansas

I have been doing replicas since 1990. I heard about some new fish eyes
that were out. Contacted Dennis to give them a try. OMG!! They were so
amazing!! I had always used the Flex eyes, until now! They are so
realistic looking. I am overwhelmed every time I look at them. Thank you
Dennis, for all the hard work and effort that went into making these eyes.

Beverley owner of Bev’s Fish Creations Emory, Texas and  is one of the top fish replicators in the country.