Angler’s Art Fish Taxidermy has one specialty….FISH TAXIDERMY & FISH REPLICAS. Whether the lunker of a lifetime, or a child’s first catch, you deserve a fish trophy you can be proud of. Your mount will explode to life with vibrant colors, animated action, and extra detailing you don’t often come by.


Your fish will be mounted by Dennis Murawska, a licensed professional with a Masters degree in biology, and over thirty years experience in the art of fish taxidermy. An outdoor writer for
Custom Marlin Painting

Custom Marlin Painting

The Week newspaper and On Wisconsin Outdoors as well, I have published research and technical articles on taxidermy and aquatic life in Outdoor Notebook, the International Guild of Taxidermy, and Freshwater and Marine Aquarium. I am a fish taxidermy instructor, and frequent contributor to Breakthrough, the most respected name in taxidermy and wildlife art magazines.

Here in  Wisconsin, I see a vast range of the most commonly mounted species from trout and salmon taken in the nearby Great Lakes, to huge musky and northern pike. Bass, bluegill, crappie, perch, gar, catfish, sturgeon… all are found in the great state of Wisconsin. If your specialty is pike or musky fishing, please note our fish replicas have even tiny upper palate teeth molded right in. Looking for museum quality? We can provide it with the new wave of fish reproductions for catch and release anglers.

I work with many local guides and shop owners who have come to rely on the consistent quality provided at Angler’s Art Fish Taxidermy. However, most of my work comes over the web, from folks out of state looking for the best. Not a problem! Ship those fish frozen, and they arrive just fine.

FISH REPLICAS… Looking for a state-of-the-art fish trophy reproduced from robust, perfect specimens? You have come to THE PLACE for the best in the business. Whether you call them catch and release trophies, fiberglass replicas, or fish reproductions, these fish are top-end in quality. See how transparent, flexible fins and incredible scale detailing add up to a superior trophy. Freshwater or saltwater, musky, minnow, or exotics……. if its out there, we can do it!

YOUR IDEAS…. Thinking of something really special or out of the ordinary? We can place your trophy in splash scenes, ice fishing holes, aquatic habitats, etc. Let your imagination go! I’ll work with you on any ideas you have. Stringer mounts, chase scenes, and frames with painted backgrounds are available for those of you looking for something special. Seafood restaurants and store displays can be tastefully decorated with colorful fish reproductions.


  • PRICING……Please read “services.” In fact, read the entire website.  All pricing is calculated per inch of length. Just multiply. Replicas are not warehoused or stocked. They are individually created on a first come, first serve basis by some of the best molders in the world. This takes some time. Turnaround this year can be expected to be from 3-4 months. Your patience is appreciated. All contact information is right here on the site. For this type of expense, use caution with price shopping. Not all fish taxidermy and replication is equal. Beware of large, big-name companies that offer nothing but mass-produced junk and hidden charges. Artists who specialize in fish only are the folks you want, and if they are doing fish for $6 per inch, you will get what you paid for.