Testimonials from a few of our satisfied clients


“Ryan, webmaster of Madisonlakes.com.”Dennis Murawska first contacted me about a link from my site to his. I took a look at his site and was immediately struck by his fish mount gallery. I contacted him immediately about a replica walleye mount. We came to an agreement about the walleye and he kept in touch with me throughout the whole mounting process. I have seen many replica mounts in my day and was leery of the usual characteristics of replicas. Thick, non flexible fins, strange looking scale patterns, wrong coloring, etcetera. Dennis e-mailed me three weeks after my first contact with him and my fish was already done. This was several years ago, expect about a four month wait now. When I pulled the fish out I was dumbfounded. I actually thought to myself that he sent me the wrong walleye because I thought it was a skin mount! The scales were unbelievably real looking, the fins were thin and flexible, the teeth were perfectly placed, gills were like those on a traditional mount, even the “bones” on the top fin were not missing. The paint and highlights were great, and even the driftwood was beautiful. You could not tell it was a replica! My family and friends were very impressed also, my brother was so impressed he had an old rainbow trout mount replicated because of how bad the mount has gotten over the years. Another friend caught a large bass and immediately sent it to Dennis. After seeing my mounts he would have been a fool not to.

Ryan, webmaster of Madisonlakes.com.


Den’s artistry and fish knowledge are amazing! I caught –and released– the trout of my life, a 10 pound rainbow, in Northern California last year and contacted Den to see if he could create a keepsake replica. I gave him a few photos, the fish length and girth, and he researched and found the perfect trout mold. Then he painted it to perfection, matching the photos to every detail and every spot. Den kept me informed throughout the project, working with him was fun and easy. And the trout is BEAUTIFUL, my buddies are green with envy!

CA fly-fisherman and attorney, Jim Parrinello

I have been using anglers art taxidermy for over 10 years now. I have had Dennis work on several fish from a late ice giant bluegill to my daughters 1st. 5lb bass he has always surpassed my expectations in all the mounts he has produced for me. The thing that sets him apart from other artists is his attention to the details of his mounts like the great looking eyes, fins, and gills look very natural. The postures he uses with addition of extra habitat like chaser fish, crayfish and and other pieces make the mounts come to life and brings me back to the moment when the fish was caught………Always a great job I’ll be a customer as long as he’s doing Taxidermy

Jim Rust Owner and Head Guide at Jimbo Slice Outdoors Sycamore Illinois


A big Thank You to Dennis! I commissioned Dennis to repaint a mid-40’s musky replica that had a substandard finish. Dennis was able to complete the re-paint in a timely fashion with a highly realistic “live” appearance. Dennis’ finish work makes it difficult to tell whether the fish is a skin mount or replica.

Kevin is a pharmaceutical engineer and stunt pilot instructor, and has caught more musky than any human has a right to!

Kevin “Musky” Munson

The fish arrived last night, and I am taking it to my chambers. It is a masterpiece!

Minnesota Judge Joseph Klein